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Sedudo Traditional Bathing Ceremony

Nganjuk Map, East Java - Indonesia

Sedudo Waterfall is situated about 27 kilometers south of Nganjuk, located at the foot of Mount. Wilis, at Ngliman, Sawahan district. This location is often visited by many of people especially during Suro, one of the months in the Javanese year.

This ritual bathing ceremony dates back to the time of the Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th and 15th centuries. According to the juru kunci (key keeper) of the Sedudo waterfall, based on the legend story, Ki Ageng Ngaliman - who spread Islam in Nganjuk - was used to meditate in the area. To regard his retribution, the district government and the public around, always held a traditional ceremony every Suro (Muharam). Also according to popular belief, Sedudo Waterfall was used to bath statue in Parna Prahista ceremony then the water spattered to the body of the family in order to grant eternal youth and safety.

The form of The traditional ceremony of taking up Sedudo sacral water is begin with 5 (five) sacred women bringing klenting, traditional water jars, dressed in Java traditional clothes, walk slowly to the pool under Sedudo waterfall. The 5 sacred women is following by 10 women with longhair. The 15 women are called Putri Tirtosasi (Tirtosari Princess). Five boys, called Jejaka Taruna, also dressed in Java traditional clothes are waiting for them under the waterfall. The procession is accompanied with Jidor, traditional drum and Sekar Mijil song. After the Tertosari Princesses gave klenting to them, they will take the water from the waterfall which is believed have savour. Then the water will dedicate as sacrifice.

This procession is led by the Regent of Nganjuk and followed by the local and the visitors who come from the whole Java. The form this procession is taking a bath together in the pool under Sedudo waterfall.

For information, contact:
East Java Provincial Tourist Office at +62 31 853 1814/853 1815.

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