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Architecture of Lampung Traditional House

Lampung Architecture

The influence of Hindu and Islam does not change much in traditional architecture of Lampung. The traditional Architecture of Lampung like that of other areas in Indonesia, is wood architecture which has a structure and planning like that found in the area os South Sumatra “Atap Pelana” roof which is also called “Atas bumbungan perahu” roof, has the form of trapeze white when seen from the front or nearly has the form isosceles. There are some kinds or traditional buildings in Lampung such as village hall or “Sesat”, residence of community head or traditional house, common people house or mosque.

The Javanese cultural influence is seen on the construction of mosque and traditional house. Mosque in South and East Lampung take the example of the mosques in Banten whereas in West and North Lampung the influence of mosque of West Sumatra and Palembang is more dominant. These two characteristics like those in other mosques in other areas have piled up pyramidal roofs. Traditional dwelling house of common people is “Rumah bertingkat” (a storey grandstand) with a front room, a place to receive guest, a middle room for family to live and a rear room for the kitchen, the entire space under the house has a function of a shed and also as a stable.

A broader and more specified construction that an ordinary house is a traditional house, a construction which represents traditional house of Lampung. This kind of construction is for a well to do people who has a high social dignity among the Lampung community (Sistem pepadun). Based on the plan and structure, residence of noblemen of Sunda Banten, the entire group of construction consists of a gate leading to the building of aseban, a kind of sentry box or a place for men to relax.

Apart from that, there is “Ambang Agung” which functions as a corridor between the main house and aseban. A space which is called Andjing-andjing is an open verandah encircling the main house. The main house comprise lapang Agung, a large middle room, a place to receive guests on ceremonies. On the right and left of “Lapang Agung” there are rooms for families. Annexed to the main house is a kitchen or “Gerang”, where as the rice barn is in the rear yard. If there are not so many decorations on the mosque, but in traditional house this proved be on the contrary.

Colored carving and engraving of decoration on wood are found in some parts of the building such as the pillars, doors, windows fence of the verandah, ceiling, frame of roofs and also found on tables, chairs, beds and on pepadun. Beside Palembang decorative arts, also Java decorative style, like plants and animals and some geometrical motives. Such a decoration appears on heirlooms for traditional ceremonies (begawi) such as gold wagon, “pata aji”, pepadun sheath of sword, handle of spear handle of “keris”(dagger) etc.

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